Olive Oil for Dessert – Adri Barr Crocetti for L’Italo-Americano

Adri Bar Crocetti, is a food writer and blogger in Los Angeles. She is also a contributor to L’Italo-Americano, a newspaper with national circulation, and her last article was about a fantastic ice cream gelato made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Adri chooses Pianogrillo EV Olive Oil for her masterpiece gelato. Grazie mille, Adri!!! She writes:

“Try the pride of Sicily, Pianogrillo, an organic oil from Ragusa. This monocultivar (an oil pressed from just one type of olive), is produced from Tonda Iblea olives. Lorenzo Piccione produces this premium oil, handpicking the fruit at the peak of readiness from October through early weeks of December. Collected in crates, and carefully handled to avoid bruising and attendant oxidation, the olives are pressed in a state of the art mill, guaranteeing the freshest taste and highest quality possible.

Extremely low acid, with an elegance that almost defies description, Pianogrillo has the most delightful grassiness with a taste of tomato leaves, almonds, and a finish of artichoke. It is the essence of Sicily, yet another example of the finest of Italian products available to us here in America. Pianogrillo oil is available online from Gustiamo.com. This oil is not for gelato alone! Try it over pasta or other foods, and you will become a convert.”

Thank you Adri, I have been thinking of buying a gelato maker for a long time. Now that time has arrived. Can’t wait to try your Pianogrillo gelato. Grazie mille!