Julia della Croce on Gustiamo

Fierceness, Joan of Arc, Maverick! Wow. Next time we have a bad day, we will refer to this article by Julia della Croce on Zester Daily:

“I always make it a point to catch up with maverick importers… who go off the highways and even off the map to track down exceptional producers… Gustiamo’s Ughi is as fierce a champion as there could be for the products she hand-picks. She’s been a veritable Joan of Arc for her San Marzano tomato producers, denouncing the big corporations for their fraudulent practice of counterfeiting “SanMarzanos” to make us think we’re buying the real thing. Another of her finds, Sant’Eustachio coffee, has had a cult following since it was established in 1938. International celebrities and discriminating locals alike flock to its cafe in Rome, just across from the Italian Senate where the organic and fair trade beans are roasted over a wood fire. Even though the open fires are illegal in Rome, the government never shuts them down. What politician would want to be without his Sant’Eustachio espresso?”

Grazie Julia for your inspiring words!


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