This Panettone Is a Revelation!

Luigi BiasettoYesterday in the warehouse, unveiling the FIRST Panettone of the season. Special guest, Jeremy McMillan, a very talented chef at Bedford Post Inn, who stopped by for his weekly shopping for the restaurant. Good timing!

Quotes – Jeremy: “This Panettone is superior,” Anthony: ” This cake is wonderful.” Nicolette: “I realize I never had a good Panettone before.” Stefano, well… he knows how wonderful the Panettone is because the other day, he tried the Pandoro. Also, OTW (out of this world). These cakes are a spiritual experience. We had to call Luigi Biasetto (left), the master pastry chef who bakes them, and congratulate him personally. Also, we immediately placed a new order. He is baking like crazy, now for us! Expensive, no doubt, but ethereal and worth every cent!

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  1. Paul Kobulnicky says:

    As a Panettone baker I got NOTHING from this post. I only even got to see the actual Panettone for a second or two. Not a single word on why it was special or the bakers art. You could have done MUCH better than this.

  2. Ciao Paul, thank you for reading our blog and writing! It was a stupid post, horrible video… You are so right to be upset! We were having so much fun, I wanted to record the moment of joy! Bad idea!
    The Panettone is truly special. You need to taste it. If you wish to learn more about the product, you can read it here: . Whatever other information you need, pls ask and Luigi Biasetto in person will reply to you.
    Grazie mille!

  3. Ciao Beatrice & Gustiamo,
    I for one LOVED this video and can’t wait to order my own panettone!
    tutto va bene,

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