Myth-Busting: Christmas Classic Torrone is Sicilian

It’s Christmas time (in case you haven’t noticed) and many of our friends have torrone on their minds. Here, the famous differences between North and South of Italy are as distinct as ever. The torrone made in the North of Italy is the hard one, delicious, but it threatens to break your teeth. The South, instead, produces a soft torrone. And, ready for this? It is in Sicily that Torrone was invented.

In a recent chat with Carlo Assenza, of the Corrado & Carlo Assenza Caffe’ Sicilia Team, he explained how important Sicily is in the history of the existence of torrone in Europe. In fact as Carlo mentions, it is because of the Arabian influence on torrone that Caffe’ Sicilia  uses so much honey and so little sugar in their nougat, all of which is made in the back-room workshop of Caffe’ Sicilia in Noto, Sicily.

But it is not only the honey that makes Caffe’ Sicilia nougat special. Caffe’ Sicilia uses the best almonds and pistachios available in Sicily, and every bar of torrone is packed full; no skimping on the nuts at Caffe’ Sicilia! And yes, in case you were wondering, these are the same almonds from Noto that Florence Fabricant called “The Finest” in her NYTimes article from earlier this year.

If you would like to have the famous nougats of the famous Caffe’ Sicilia in your kitchen, the only place it is available in America is only here. And you should know that our supply is very limited. You and your dentist will love it.

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  1. Sicilian torrone and a video? Thanks.

  2. Calogero, you’re welcome! Have you seen this blog post + torrone video?

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