The finest almonds come from Noto, Sicily, says the NYTimes.

The other day, a very good friend, serious home cook and Gustiamo customer, emailed us to explain that he was in a panic. “I’ve been looking for almonds for ages. Do you know where I can find almonds that taste of something? I need to make a caprese, tomorrow”, he told me. Our immediate reply was, “WE DO!”. Yes!, among our other Italy’s Best Foods, we carry Italy’s Best Almonds.

Shall I say the World’s Best Almonds? These are not your ordinary almonds! The NYTimes says that: “… serious cooks, and those with sophisticated taste buds that welcome bitterness, might consider distinctive almonds from Sicily.

almond flowerThese are dry in texture, not oily, slightly wrinkled and dense with assertive flavor, the go-to nut when you want to leave no doubt that there are almonds in that cake or those cookies. The finest, from a company called Caffe’ Sicilia, come from the area around Noto…” says the NYTimes!

These are the “almond” days in Sicily. Sicilians have been waiting for almond season the whole year, when nature is awakening and almond trees are blooming. For miles and miles, the Noto valley is completely pink and white. Early March is the best time to be introduced to these Fine Almonds.

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