Italian word of the day: Libertà

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so Important During La Festa della Liberazione d’Italia 25 Aprile!?

Today is Italy’s liberation day. The day we celebrate the end of the Nazi occupation in 1945. It is a BIG holiday in Italy in which we honor freedom, liberty, and independence.

How do we celebrate? With a Scampagnata! An outgoing in the countryside!

These are some of our favorite Italian Scampagnata snapshots from today:

As you can see, 25 Aprile is a big day for BBQing. Take some advice from the Italians and make EVOO part of all your upcoming BBQs.

Look! Italians dress their grilled meat, fish, and vegetables with EVOO.

When you BBQ, simply mix new harvest good quality EVOO, with some fresh herbs, sea salt, and perhaps a little garlic. (Let us be clear, this dressing is mixed in the moment, NOT infused for days or months, which can turn a good EVOO bad).

Liberate yourself from store bought industrial sauces and marinades. This EVOO dressing is the only thing that you need. Simpler always tastes better 😉

The best EVOO for this is bold! The new harvest editions of Il Tratturello and Vicopisano are perfect and will bring your BBQing to new levels of deliciousness.

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