The Best Advice For Colatura!

Greetings from Cetara!

In the photo above, we are with our colatura-makers in Cetara. Yes, they actually make and age (at least 2 years!) their anchovy colatura in the small Amalfitano village of Cetara. All their barrels of aging anchovy are in the room right behind us.
Yes, the smell is strong and incredible. It’s fermentation heaven.

This is Raffaella. She’s a colatura extraordinaire. Raffaella has something she wants everyone to know about colatura… 

Colatura is not about fishy flavor. 

We know, this is counter-intuitive advice, but she is right.

When you use colatura, you add umami. Colatura is a savory-bomb, secret ingredient for many unexpected (not fish) dishes.

Colatura doesn’t add fishiness. It adds richness. Colatura will enhance the flavors of just about ANY fish, meat, pasta, and grain recipe. Add it to your marinades, sautes, sauces, and dressings.

That’s a game changer.  

We just had a simple potato salad with red onions, EVOO, capers, and a spoonful of colatura. Summer Mediterranean perfection. Amazingly savory.
Not fishy.

Grazie Raffaella!