How To Use Bottarga

Bottarga is an ingredient worth having close at hand, always in your fridge.

Bottarga is roe. This bottarga is mullet fish eggs that have been salted and dried by Oro di Cabras, our bottarga experts in Sardegna.

Our bottarga tastes like the Mediterranean, concentrated salt and umami, with just the right flavor of fish (not too intense).

How to store it? Keep it in a container in your fridge. Bottarga will not go bad. Before you use it, just peel back the outer casing, as you would with a salame.

Here are some of our favorite suggestions for how to use bottarga:

Grate It.

You can grate bottarga on so many things: on top of your eggs, on chickpeas with lots of EVOO, on top of any fish dish (especially pasta with fish). Try it grated on steamed vegetables and baked potatoes.

One of our favorite things in the world is crostino or foccacia with burrata, lemon zest, and bottarga grated on top!



Slice It. 

Bottarga is delicious sliced into thin strips.

Serve it as an appetizer: shaved into an elegant thin strip, placed on a piece of toasted bread with lemon zest and EVOO.

Use sliced bottarga in your salads. Try it with artichoke salad or celery salad, of course with lots of EVOO. These two salads are both very common in Sardegna.


Make this Pasta. 

We just took a poll in the Gustiamo warehouse. This is practically everyone’s favorite Gusti pasta.

This pasta dish is magical.

We have had friends who “don’t like fish,” become obsessed with our Linguine con Bottarga.

Nota bene: you can prepare this pasta condiment a day before you serve it.