Sicilian Fish = Gusti Hot Food

Introducing the Gusti summer survival kit: Sgombro and Sugarello packed in Sicilian EVOO. Testa wild fish is our latest launch and it has already gained the status of last-minute meal lifesaver, especially in these steamy weeks. You pop the jar, pull out the fillets, and you’re in for a refreshing + flavorful bite.

Both belong to the pesce azzurro category and are abundantly available in the Mediterranean. So, what’s the difference between Sgombro and Sugarello? With our amica tinned fish connoisseur Mei we put together some tasting notes.

Sgombro, stummu ucchiutu in Sicilian, is the mackerel with large eyes. Each oily fish is about 25 cm long from head to tail.
🐟 TASTE: mellow, almost sweet, buttery mouthfeel.

Sugarello, sauru tunnu in Sicilian, is so named for its round shape (tunnumeans tondo). It’s leaner and half the size of sgombro.
🐟 TASTE: delicately fishy, mineral, plump texture.

Sgombro and Sugarello have an elegant flavor, never overly fishy or pungent. They really shine if paired with classic Italian umami ingredients like capers and caper leaves, olives, or sundried tomatoes. Bruschetta, salads, pasta fredda, there are endless combinations with these gems of the Mediterranean; here are our favorite 15-mins recipes.