Insalata di Riso

Insalata di Riso, rice salad, is a dish that means summer in Italy. I still remember my mother making it all the time because it is a light dish that you can put in the refrigerator and it stays for days. It actually improves, with time and it would always be ready for a quick dinner, when we’d come home from the beach. There is no “official” recipe for insalata di riso. I couldn’t find any in my food bible, the Talismano della Felicita’. I asked several of my Italian friends and each one has a different particular ingredient in their perfect Insalata di Riso. This is Gustiamo’s recipe.

(serves 4)

Capers, small artichokes, sundried tomatoes, Bella di Cerignola olives
Capers, small artichokes, sundried tomatoes, Bella di Cerignola olives

1/2 bag Carnaroli rice, Vialone Nano rice, or whole grain Vialone Nano rice (a.k.a. (Integrale or brown rice)
200 gr good tuna fish in olive oil
50 gr cornishons pickles
50 gr green cerignola olives
50 gr black cerignola olives
30 gr capers
100 gr emmenthal/ swiss cheese
1/2 jar small artichokes
1/2 jar sun dried tomatoes
1/2 jar antipasto
Extra virgin olive oil from the jars (to taste)
Extra virgin olive oil (to taste)


Gazzani Rice
Gazzani Rice

1. Steam the rice in salted water until cooked and set aside to cool
2. Rinse the capers and drain the tuna
3. Debone the olives and chop into approx ½ inch thick pieces
4. Chop the artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, antipasto and emmenthal cheese into approx ½ inch thick pieces
5. Mix all ingredients together
6. Add extra virgin olive oil, and add the flavored oil from the jars to taste. Mix well

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  1. Eddie Dal Santo says:

    I had something similar for lunch today and it was deliziosa!

  2. Danielle @Gustiamo Author says:

    We’re so glad to hear it Eddie! Grazie.

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