Vialone Nano Rice

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your cart are famously picky about their rice, and Vialone Nano IGP - a unique variety grown only in the province of Verona - is their favorite risotto rice. Its thick, short kernels can absorb twice their weight in liquid, yet retain a firm, satisfying texture. This makes for a light, creamy risotto without any stickiness.

Vialone Nano easily absorbs the flavors of other ingredients and seasonings, and is a superb alternative to Carnaroli rice for a risotto with rustic ingredients such as pork, veal, pumpkin, artichokes and other hearty vegetables. Since it retains its lovely round shape after cooking, it makes a great side dish for meat or fish, or a satisfying insalata di riso with olives, capers, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, tuna, or any of your favorite ingredients!