Small Artichokes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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These small whole artichokes are sought after world-wide. Maida’s small artichokes are remarkably tender while still firm to the bite, with a delicate, earthy flavor.  This variety of Romanesco artichokes, the carciofi di Paestum, are prized throughout Italy, renowned for their small, compact heads, lovely purple hue, and thornless stems. They’re the perfect size for snacking right out of the jar, or pairing with salumi and cheeses.

Farmer Francesco Vastola is the owner of Maida Farm, near the Cilento National Park and the ancient Greek ruins at Paestum. He grows the highest quality fruits and vegetables, harvests them at their peak of freshness, and turns them into sott’olio using extra virgin olive oil that he produces himself. Francesco’s son Fabrizio likes to use his sottoli on top of thick slices of toasted bread and chopped tomatoes, for an extra-special bruschetta, or on their own with a glass of red wine for a deliciously simple aperitivo.

Versatile and chock full of vitamins and minerals, few vegetables inspire passionate allegiance quite like the enigmatic artichoke. These artichokes also inspire an annual festival - the Festa del Carciofo di Paestum - where visitors flock to this tiny town in Campania to enjoy artichoke tarts, artichoke lasagne, artichoke parmigiana, artichoke pizza, artichoke pasta, deep-fried get the picture.  

Francesco safeguards the freshness and flavor of his artichokes by jarring them with the highest quality EVOO, with a little bit of white wine vinegar and a splash of lemon juice. We can’t all make it to Campania every spring, but carciofi di Paestum can be the stars of your next dinner party! 

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