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Maida’s sun dried tomatoes are a little bit of summer in a jar; capturing the sun that warms the Cilento region of Campania so you can enjoy it all year long. These little tomatoes are packed with a complex flavor palate: the natural sweetness and acidity of the tomatoes; saltiness from the drying process; silky umami that comes from jarring them in rich southern Italian olive oil. Perfect as an aperitivo snack, they add flavor to soups and stews, or chopped into green salads or insalata di riso, but really shine in pasta dishes and can be added to just about any sauce. They pair well with other southern Italian ingredients like capers, tuna, and soft cheeses.

To make his sundried tomatoes, farmer Francesco Vastola harvests tomatoes that have been perfectly ripened in the sun, sprinkles them with salt and spreads them out in the fields to dry. No artificial preservatives here - white wine vinegar, oregano, capers, and chili peppers add the extra punch of flavor. These sundried tomatoes are preserved in real extra virgin olive oil produced on the Maida farm.

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