Gustiamo goes National with NBC and the Today Show

How does it feel when millions of people have on their screens for 15 seconds? It feels like heaven. And, since we are very proud, we say: it’s about time the whole world learns about us, our company, and Italy’s Best Foods!

This past Sunday morning, December 15th, the gifts of were featured on NBC, during the Today Show. National! How exciting!

The gifts were selected by Elizabeth Mayhew, who loves our company and our products (in particular our Piennolo Tomatoes; later on this) with all her heart! And it really showed!!! This is a clip of the video. If it is shaking, it is because I was so nervous as I was taking the video from my TV, at home. These are a few phrases that were spoken during the segment: “What do you give to the person who has everything? Food!”; “This first one sounds fantastic” (our outer borough chic crate, as we call it), “Gustiamo, the top food from Italy, they import”; “These delicious tomatoes (the Piennolos) are from Vesuvio”; and it goes on and on… with praises of our gift crates, and in particular the “Party in Cucina” gift crate.

How did it happen? It turns out Elizabeth of NBC is a happy customer of ours. In the spring of 2013, a chef from Italy cooked dinner in her home with our Piennolo Tomatoes. Elizabeth realized that you can prepare a delicious sauce, fit for a king, in a few minutes, if you use the best tomatoes. A revelation! The chef had gone back to Italy, but she kept ordering the tomatoes from Gustiamo, incognito. A couple of jars broke? Not a problem, our Frances immediately sent new ones, as we would do with any customer. Gustiamo, a perfect combination of Italy’s Best Foods and excellent customer service. This is what happened!

Grazie a tutti.

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