Staff Holiday Picks Follow-Up

Did you catch our Gusti Staff Holiday Picks? If not, check it out here.  Now that the gift giving season is over, we are curious to hear how it went.

Staff Picks

Danielle says that her grandma was the most excited about the Martelli Fusilli. However, Danielle is worried that her nonna might just keep her Tuscan Fusilli sitting on her kitchen counter (where they are now), admiring the beautiful yellow bag and not eating them. Womp womp.

Alice, on the other hand, already has requests for more Panettone Mignon, which was devoured immediately. Not surprising since the Panettone Mignon is easily devoured. It is really quite small.

Eddie’s Christmas was very educational. His San Marzano Tomato gift came along with the history of tomato fraud. Bravo Eddie!

Frances reports that the Millefiori Honey was a big hit. And at the last minute, since we received a new shipment of Pesto right before Christmas, she also gifted Roberto Panizza‘s Pesto, which her family is in love with.

Gusti Giving Success!