Gustiamo People-Frances, by Danielle

We are working our way through the Gustiamo team as part of our Danielle’s Gustiamo People Series. Today we present Frances!

FrancesFrances is the Renaissance woman of Gustiamo. The kind of person every office needs. If you have a problem, she has a solution. First
to arrive, last to leave, always boasting a positive attitude. The day I began my 3 week stay at the Gustiamo warehouse, Frances was the one who gave me directions to West Farms Road over the phone from the 174th St. Subway stop. When I arrived she oriented me with all the must-know tips and tricks at Gustiamo, like how the bathroom door says “out of order” even though it isn’t. She also briefed me with helpful mnemonic devices for remembering product organization and codes. I will never forget the name of our 400 gram tin of tomatoes with the coquettish Italian woman in the 1950’s dress after Frances told me “See this cute girl, she reminds me of the word ‘Love’ because guys must love her, in Spanish it is ‘Amor’, and there you go, Terra Amore & Fantasia tomatoes.”

Torrone mandorleFrances speaks Spanish, but she totally had me fooled into thinking that she spoke Italian! During our first warehouse tour I admired her Italian pronunciation, “Pasta by Marrrrtelli“,   “Torrrrrone” rolling her R’s perfectly. But she gave herself away when we got to to the organic honey. She said that with sweets we use the code “DOL” for “dulce.” Speaking of torrone, Frances loves it. She had me really laughing when she told me that she had given the Caffe’ Sicilia Almond torrone to her husband for his birthday and then tried to eat it herself.

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  1. stuart itter says:

    Hi Francis. See you guys are getting more and more selective. I was around since day one-used to get Latino pasta from you (sorry that is gone). Shopped at Lou DiP-know he loved you. Now, 75 and on a budget-learning that the normal stuff is not as bad as I thought. Meanwhile, what is it with these Simpson Import Ltd supposed San Marzano tomatoes that have taken over the market. The Canal House ladies seem to love them-had their logo all over “Pronto”, their book on cooking in Italy. Can’t even find the business-no web id…nothing. Apparently they are in Pennsylvania or Maryland. Tried their tomatoes once-hard balls like Glen Muir..not very good. Then, I tried them last month: smaller, very tender and sweet. Could swear they had a sign on the label saying they were genetically modified. Went back…no labels with genetically modified on them. Am helping a bright young lady chef who has just opened a store in Peru Vermont called JJ Hapgood. (see facebook) Got her to buy DOP tomatoes from her supplier-turned out to be La Feda. Not selling cause everybody is buying the Simpson junk. Also having a time getting her to stock the right dry pasta. Do not know if you sell wholesale to small stores….think your things would be out of reach but you never know. Thanks. And, cheers.

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