Gustiamo, Keep Your Day Job!

We, at Gustiamo, are an amazing group of hard workers, passionate about what we do. We seek perfection, love our producers, cook and eat. Singing and dancing are clearly not things we do regularly and are NOT our forte. This video (if you dare to watch it, click the arrow below)  was of our Christmas party, with Martina, Anne, Stefano, Kunle and our landlord of eight years, John Fusco. The video is titled “DON’T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB”.

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  1. Tracy Bridgewater says:

    looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Tracy, we are shameless. and yes, we had a lot of fun! did you notice our landlord of 8 years was at the party? quite an accomplishement, to friends with an italian-american landlord, after all this time, don’t you think??? grazie.

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