Join the Gusti Team: Ecommerce Manager

We are looking for a person who will become Gustiamo‘s Ecommerce Director!

But, do not worry, you will start as an assistant who will grow into the position. You will learn about SEO, website content, ecommerce promotions and website sales, social media, customer service… Very exciting stuff! In addition, you get to eat Italy’s Best Foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are the right person, you:

  • are passionate about Italian food, culture and traditions. If you speak Italian, even better;
  • can write and communicate well in English;
  • have a sales personality and the drive to grow sales;
  • you are a person who works hard and well on a team;
  • you read our blog, like our FB page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and interact with us… and therefore know already everything about us.

How to apply? Get in touch with us via social media and email Beatrice: