Chef Joseph Cacace Pays a Visit @ Gustiamo Warehouse

Chef Joseph Cacace is an old and good friend of ours and a fan of Italian foods – in particular, pasta Latini and Martelli. We met Joseph many years ago when he worked at Sette, an Italian restaurant on Seventh Avenue in NYC. We had just started our wholesale program and Joseph was among our first big customers. I remember being amazed at the large quantities of pasta his restaurant could buy; I thought Joseph was cooking pasta for each dish on his menu, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Not true – he just cooked very good pasta and everybody ordered it. Then, as it often happens, the restaurant and Joseph parted ways; without him, the restaurant closed soon after. What a shame. Now, Joseph is consulting but looking for a stable home. Any ideas? While you are thinking, Joseph just told me that he is opening another restaurant “Uncle Bacala’s” in Smithtown with Peter Hewitson and that he will use our Cru di Cures oil. Joseph comes to the warehouse often and purchases olive oils and pasta for himself and his restaurant clients. He knows about best Italian ingredients and talks about them with passion (click on the arrow to watch the video). Grazie Joseph, come back soon!




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  1. Lucy Almeida says:

    He knows what good pasta is! Martelli, Latini, and don’t forget the outstanding Faella!
    I fully agree with him, people should realize what a big difference there is between these high quality brands (Martelli and Latini) and the so-called commercial brands (national brands) sold in supermarkets. It just is not the same! I know, because I really tried them! When you come to a new country, and those brands are all new to you in the stores, you will try them first. But it just ain’t no use, the national brands don’t deliver the experience you want, so I came back to Latini and Martelli (which I knew before I came to the USA).
    Please have Joseph Cacace try out Faella pasta as well! They are REALLY playing the same league as Martelli and Latini, really, let him try them!

  2. Joseph Cacace says:

    I have tried Faella (I especially liked the “Calamari” shape)
    It is indeed a fine Pasta. I place it second behind Martelli and Latini.
    Chef Joseph Cacace

  3. Joseph Cacace says:

    I know I’m fat but between the angle and the lens… I look like I’m 400 lbs !

  4. We have a new camera, now! Canon S 95. Do you want to try??? Come for lunch: fresh salad with ev olive oil. Let’s start the diet. Then, we take a video every month to show the weight loss, not the camera.

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