From Sicilia: the most perfect Anchovy?

These are the most perfect anchovies we’ve ever tasted. There, we said it. When our anchovy skeptic friends tasted them, they came back for more. We offered them to the anchovy obsessed in our life and they couldn’t stop diving in.

These anchovy fillets are sweet. They’re silky and mellow. They’re plump and tender. Never too salty, not even slightly pungent, zero acid aftertaste or grainy texture.

These anchovies are caught by the Testa family in the waters around Sicily. Within hours from fishing, the Testas hand-process them in their lab. They cure them in sea salt, clean and fillet, and finally jar them in organic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil. There’s no other anchovy like this anchovy out there.

Say Sicily and you immediately think of anchovies. Pasta with anchovies and breadcrumbs, anchovies on sfincione or bread, cauliflower with anchovies, Sicilians tend to sneak these fishies pretty much in every recipe. And for good reason! They’re a concentrated source of savoriness, irreplaceable for adding depth of flavor and an extra umami zing.

NOTE: Testa anchovies are filleted and preserved in real EVOO. They’re ready to eat, just pop the jar and savor! Once you’ve devoured the fillets, don’t you dare waste the anchovy oil: it’s an umami enhancer for any sauce and it makes an outstanding anchovy mayo.