New Year, New EVOO

Pianogrillo is exactly what a Sicilian extra virgin olive oil should be, with its distinctive citrusy smell and bright hints of almond. If we could sum up the taste of the new harvest Pianogrillo in one word, it would be RICH.
On the nose Pianogrillo 2019/2020 is fresh and elegant, with delicate notes of artichoke and green tomato. On the palate it offers an exceptional balance of aromas and a gentle spicy touch, typical of the Tonda Iblea olive variety. It ends with a lingering nutty flavor that leaves you with a delightfully round mouthfeel.

Pianogrillo extra virgin olive oil is made by Lorenzo Piccione in Ragusa, in the southernmost tip of Sicily. Lorenzo is a revolutionary farmer and his impressive farm is on 80 hectares of fully organic land, cultivated in absolute respect for nature.

On the Pianogrillo farm Lorenzo also makes the simplest cherry tomato sauce and a Sicilian strattu, a traditional tomato concentrate made from sun dried Sicilian tomatoes.