Bluefin Tuna by Testa Conserve in Forbes Italia

They know what’s up over at Forbes Italia: they named Testa Conserve and their bluefin tuna one of the top 100 “Eccellenze Italiane” in the world! Sharing the news on Instagram, the Testas are absolutely thrilled. And so are we!!

“We are so happy to read, among the pages of the prestigious Forbes magazine, our company among the “one hundred Italian excellences in the world” in food and drink. Italy invents, produces, and exports excellence all over the world. This recognition celebrates the sacrifice of our family, from the previous generations of Testas who started the family business in the 1800s to our collaborators and family today.”

Testa Conserve Forbes Instagram bluefin tuna

Congratulazioni Tuccio, Nino, and Giuseppe! It’s awesome to see Testa Conserve recognized at such a high level. As anyone who’s tried this Sicilian tinned fish knows, Testa Conserve’s preserved Mediterranean bluefin tuna in IGP Sicilian extra virgin olive oil is in a category of its own. There’s really nothing else like it. Forbes says:

“This is from sea-to-jar at its best. Each tuna, selected with care and fished directly from Testa’s own vessels, comes from sustainable quotas as per EU regulations. Testa’s craftsmanship fully respects the Sicilian culinary tradition: the tuna is steamed, carefully jarred by hand, and preserved in organic extra virgin olive oil. It tastes delicate and soft on the palate.”

In their profile, Forbes emphasize the history of the Testa family: they’ve been fishing the Mediterranean for over 200 years. There’s even a “Via Testa” in Catania, which shows the deep link the family has to their territory. Forbes explains just what makes the family’s longtime heritage so significant:

“An ancient tradition built on tenacity, effort, dedication, and the ability to scrutinize the future as you would the horizon, in which experience and passion transmit from one generation to the next.”

That’s really what sets Testa Conserve apart. It’s why we’ve partnered with, Tuccio, Nino, Capt. Pippo, Giuseppe, and everyone else on the team. We know they’re true stewards of the sea, and that they’re committed to the highest caliber of Italian culinary excellence.

Read the Forbes feature in Italian here. and if you want to learn more on Testa Conserve, we interviewed Tuccio Testa on why they preserve bluefin tuna in extra virgin olive oil. Need help choosing a tuna cut? Check out our guide on the difference between bluefin tuna fillets, ventresca, and buzzonaglia.