Sirk Grape Vinegar 2


“No other region has captured the last decade like the Collio for its food, wine and hospitality in places like the Sirk family mountain lodge called La Subida. Along with the best extra virgin olive oil and moist sea salt; great vinegar is essential to my food, my life and my passion. The Sirk vinegar is unique in that it’s made from grape to bottle making it a closed loop control to provide the perfect acidity. I can’t get enough!”

– Chef Ryan Hardy

Meet Mitja Sirk. It’s his family that produces this startlingly bright and wonderfully aromatic vinegar.
Attention, this is NOT white wine vinegar. It is white GRAPE vinegar

It’s an important distinction. The Sirk family uses their best Ribolla Gialla white grapes to directly make their vinegar. It’s fermented in oak for 5 years. We are willing to wager that this is the most nuanced white vinegar you have ever tasted.