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Fished in Sicilian waters and preserved with organic Sicilian EVOO, Testa anchovies bring to your table the briny flavor of the Mediterranean sea with none of the pungent fishiness of lesser quality products - making these not only THE anchovies for anchovy skeptics, but incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Delicately fishy, deeply umami, and with a pleasant dense chewiness, Testa anchovies are the gold standard for this staple of Southern Italian fare.
Enjoy them as a simple antipasto with buttered bread, as a topping for pizza and focaccia, or to add a deep umami punch to virtually any pasta dish, but especially Sicilian classics like pasta c’anciuova e muddica atturrata, pasta with anchovies, bread crumbs, pine nuts, and raisins, sfincione palermitano, or pane cunzato (bread dressed with good oil, oregano, acciughe, tomatoes.) And don’t sleep on the extra virgin olive oil these little fillets are packed in! It makes a great drizzle for pasta or bruschetta, an umami enhancer for any sauce, and an outstanding anchovy mayo. Like all oily fish, anchovies are known for their healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and combined with the nutritional benefits of organic Sicilian EVOO, the Testa family has packed many of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet into one little jar. 

The Testas follow the same painstaking ritual of preserving anchovies that Sicilians have for generations. The anchovies are processed within twelve hours of being caught, removing the head and tail and gutting each one by hand. They are then salted and placed in containers until they’ve reached optimal curing; deboned and filleted; and carefully layered together into glass jars, topped off with Sicilian olive oil.
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