Difficult Harvest for Italian Olive in 2016

The 2016 olive harvest has been challenging in Italy. Ok, not quite as hard as the infamous annus horribilis of 2014, but quite difficult. Overall, Italy produced less EVOO in 2016 than in 2015 due to bad weather; quick changes in temperature, from hot to cold, and heavy rains are no good for growing olives.

Here are some numbers from our friends at Teatro Naturale:

In the regions of Sicily (Pianogrillo), Sardinia (Antichi Uliveti), Molise (Il Tratturello), and Liguria (Benza) production decreased 50%.

In more central regions, like Tuscany (Vicopisano) and Lazio (Cru di Cures),  production decreased 40%.

In short, 2016, not a great harvest in terms of quantity but the EVOO we have been receiving from this harvest is excellent. This is the reality for real olive farmers. Not all harvest seasons can be blockbusters. Support good olive farmers, use good EVOO.