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Vicopisano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/2024 harvest is robust and powerful. On the nose, the strong and herbaceous aroma hits you immediately; on the palate, it offers a medium bitterness and a noticeable kick of spice in the finish. With hints of green tomatoes, green pepper, artichoke, and freshly cut grass, Vicopisano is extremely low in acidity and has high polyphenol content. It is an elegant, versatile oil, but drizzling it raw is the best way to enjoy its strong personality. On salads, roasted vegetables, steaks, soups, or just on a slice of good crusty bread, this lively and pungent super Tuscan EVOO is perfect for people who like bold flavors! 
Solely from the Frantoio olive variety - the real king of these Tuscan hills, Vicopisano is a masterpiece of Tuscan olive oil culture, an extra virgin olive oil for true olive oil lovers. The Bovoli family takes care year-round of their historically organically farmed olive groves. While the work in the field is painstakingly manual, their mill, the Antico Frantoio Toscano di Rio Grifone, is accessorized with the most modern technology. 
The close distance between the mill and the groves allows squeezing the carefully selected olives fresh and at the perfect stage of maturity. This way, every harvest of Vicopisano reconfirms its vibrant, uniquely vigorous essence. 
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