Asphodel Honey by Luigi Manias from Sardegna

AsphodelusLuigi Manias keeps his bees in Mount Arci National Preserve. The richness of the flora is well reflected in the qualities of production of Asphodel Honey.

Asphodel is a herbaceous bush producing flowers that resemble lillies.

The honey has a warm amber color. To the nose, an herbaceous base which develops in a wide gamma of floral notes and a subtle spice finish; to the taste, a progressive intensifying of the aroma amplifies with notes of fennel and cinnamon.Asphodel Honey

Asphodel Honey is truly spectacular, a faithful picture of a wonderfully blessed terroir, its exceptional organoleptic qualities hard to reproduce.

This Asphodel Honey is a perfect for everything. Also it is a great match for cheese, both fresh and moderately aged, delicious in heartwarming teas, in a cup of hot chocolate and with meat stews.