The Health Wonders of Raw Honey

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibiotic! The list of honey’s beneficial properties could go on and on. But, does all honey have an equal benefit for our health? Oh, no.

As honey producer Luigi (the guy in yellow) points out, honey is good for you as long as it’s pure and free of contaminants. In fact, Luigi’s honey is organic, raw, and pesticide free (he knows because he has his honey tested!).

Organic honey is harvested in pristine areas, so it is clean and healthy.

Raw honey is minimally processed and unpasteurized, so it retains the enzymes, nutrients, and healing agents naturally present.

Asphodel, Cardoon, and Corbezzolo honeys are especially unique. They are made with flower varieties that are local to Sardegna. These wild flowers are rich in bioactive plant compounds that boost the immune system.

How should you store your honey to maintain all its properties?
Luigi says: “Store your honey with all the care it deserves, and it will last forever.” Always keep honey closed, in a dark place, away from heat or temperature shocks (not in fridge).

Crystallized honey? It is normal that some honey crystallizes, it’s actually a sign of raw and untreated honey. Just warm it up with a spoon or with a bain-marie (put the jar in a pan of hot water until it softens).