Most Prized Italian Honeys – from Sardegna

Luigi ManiasLuigi Manias is considered the number ONE authority in everything Bees and Honeys even by his peers in Italy. He also writes books and gives lectures. He was even recently consulted by local authorities and carried out a bee-honey experiment to determine the suitability of a certain farm area in Sardegna.

Luigi is always inspired by ancient traditions, but he is not afraid to change, when he finds a better solution.

For example, in 2009 Luigi moved the harvesting of his prized Sardinian honey, traditionally produced in the low altitude valleys of the region, to the heart of the Mount Arci Natural Preserve (Ales is the nearest town, in the map). Mount Arci’s pristine environment and the extraordinary variety of its flora were the reasons for Luigi’s choice. In fact, Mount Arci represents the 12% of the endemic vegetation of Sardinia and most interestingly, bees in this area feed on almost every flower species represented.Mappa Sardegna

Miele di Sardegna DOPLuigi’s honeys are: Corbezzolo, Eucalyptus, Cardoon, Asphodel, Millefiori.

Ah, Luigi Manias Honeys are also all certified organic. Was there any doubt?