We just received some devastating news. All of the freshly harvested Il Tratturello olive oil has been stolen. Last night, thieves entered Francesco Travaglini’s frantoio (olive oil mill building) and took everything.

The burglars broke in, vandalized Francesco’s frantoio, and drained his stainless steel tanks full of freshly harvested extra virgin olive oil.

This awful heist has left Francesco and his entire community heartbroken. We, at Gustiamo, are especially sickened by the news. Our second shipment of new harvest Il Tratturello was supposed to leave Molise in a few days.

Why did these people go through such an effort to pilfer hundreds of liters of extra virgin olive oil? Because real single-estate Italian EVOO like Francesco’s is so valuable it is worth stealing.

(icon created by Adrien Coquet from Noun Project)