If It Is Cheap, It Is Fake. Buy Olive Oil only from Trusted Vendors.

Did the Madoff saga teach anything to anybody? The ultimate moral of all this mess is: If it is too good to be true, it is not true.

A customer friend of ours told us that a well known brand (I can’t say which, as I already have been threatened to be sued in the past) offered to sell him Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $7 (seven dollars) per liter.

IMPOSSIBLE. At that price you almost can’t even pay the workers who pick the olives. Do you know how it is possible? It is among the biggest food scams ever. They take some nuts or rancid olives from wherever; with chemicals they obtain a fat greasy liquid; with solvents they make the liquid odorless and colorless. Then, how do you want your EV Olive Oil? Do you want it to taste like fresh cut grass? No problem, they have the right essence. Do you want it golden color? No problem, they can make it as golden as you/the market wants. In fact it is a mountan of gold in the pockets of few criminals.

If you are not an olive oil conosseur, you MUST buy your olive oil only from trusted vendors.