Extra Vecchio Balsamic in Departures

This holiday season, in Departures, the balsamic connoisseur Gabriella Gershenson says what we have been saying for years, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is The most delicious, and exclusive, Christmas food to lavish on your guests and hosts alike this season! Real, aged balsamic vinegar makes an amazing gift. As Gershenson says:

“This 25-year aged balsamic from Cà dal Non, a family-run acetaia in Modena, Italy, is named after the grandmother of producer Mariangela Montinari: Like her, the vinegar is “lively, shrewd, never predictable. It’s aged in several barrels over the years, culminating in juniper wood, which imparts a hint of resin. Dot sparingly on high quality prosciutto or parmigiano reggiano, and have your mind blown. $227 at gustiamo.com.

Yes, mind blowing indeed.