Beauty by the Bite

6a00e55029641d883401675fdeb54e970b-250wiAccording to this article in the NYTimes, there are products in the supermarkets which are classified as nutricosmetics and functional foods. I’ve never seen them. Have you? This thing is huge! The article says it is a growing business, expected to reach $8.5 billion in 2015. It’s drinks and foods with names such as Age Defying Water, Slimming Chocolate Chews, Clear Skin Capsules… Who buys this stuff?

Of course, doctors say that no, good skin does not come from “slickly marketed drinks and food”, but from vegetables, whole foods, plain water. The designer Norma Kamali (picture left), interviewed in the article, is among the critics of all this madness and is a strong supporter of olive oil, which she has been been using all her life… she ingests and applies olive oil to reap various benefits. She says olive oil is ideal for massage and stress relief. You can brush your teeth with oil and cinnamon to clean and remove bacteria. Use olive oil liniments for rashes and burns. Take a tablespoon or more a day to stay regular. This is all she said. Well, look at the results in the picture! She is in her 60s, doesn’t she look wonderful? Forget all that nutri beauty garbage, buy good food and you will become beautiful and healthy, also!

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  2. Hartmut Nasenreiter says:

    The previous comment looks like Spam to me, sorry to find that here. This should be a place to discuss the wonderful world of great italian food items (imported by Gustiamo or not), and not some half-hidden ad for some cosmetic courses.
    Please do not pay attention of that previous comment, I am sure it doesn’t help anyone but the advertised “academy”…

  3. Dear Hartmut, thank you for writing. What previous comment are you referring to? Thank you for watching us!!!

  4. Hartmut Nasenreiter says:

    Ciao Beatrice, I was referring to the comment left by that “academy”, listed beneath ours here on the same page.
    I am convinced they are not affiliated with your wonderful import company.

  5. I totally agree with Norma.

  6. I think most food can be a beauty by the bite kind, as long it’s taken the proper way and the right amount proportions. Healthy lifestyle contrinutes a lot too in a person’s physical appearance. Nice post!

  7. I think every food can be a “beaty by the bite” kind as long as it taken in the right amount or proportions. Healthy lifestyle contributes too to a person’s personal appearance.

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