Francesco’s dream

Caro Tony,
I know this is impossible. But I promised.
Francesco Travaglini is a young, honest and passionate olive oil maker in
Molise, with a dream. I believe you tried his olive oil in the past.
Francesco read that Obama comes to your restaurant while he was preparing
his first shipment to America. He always keeps the first bottle of each
harvest. This time, he sent the bottle number 1 to us, asking us to send it
to you. His dream is that, if EVER IT WAS POSSIBLE, that Obama comes again
to your restaurant and you deemed appropriate to give this bottle #1 to him,
Francesco dedicated it to Obama with his (and ours, of course, and everybody
else in the world) best wishes that his work “fili liscio come l’olio”.
The shipment arrived in the warehouse; we tried the new oil and it is
I am sending you a package with #1 and #2. Please, try bottle #2.
For #1, it is a precious bottle. Put it in your office, make sure nobody
touches it.
Love you and thank you,

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