Saveur names Faella one of the Best Pasta Brands

Not all pasta is created equal. The brand you ultimately choose to stock your pantry makes a HUGE difference in the final dish. The pasta has to taste good on its own, and hold up to a variety of sauces. The editors at Saveur magazine tried and tested fifty pasta brands in the US, and Italy’s own Pastificio Faella made the cut! Meet Saveur’s number one dried noodle: bucatini Faella.

“Bucatini is the current darling of the pasta world, and this excellent version shows off why: The hollow noodles cook extremely evenly and give tons of surface area for sauce and flavor to blanket.”

Not that we’re surprised. Pastificio Faella is a historic producer from Gragnano, using only the best ingredients and techniques. The bronze dies used to extrude the pasta create a perfectly rough surface for sauce adhesion.

We’ve got the best bucatini in the land available here. And if you’re a real bucatini freak, why not go for 2.5 kilos of these magnificent noodles?

Grazie, Saveur! Check out the full list of the best pasta brands here.