On La Cucina Italiana: the Best Colomba in the US

Colomba is considered the dove shaped cousin of the winter holiday king, Panettone. Following the success of the Christmas buttery cake studded with raisins and candied citrus, also Colomba is making its way onto American feasting tables. No matter if you’re celebrating Easter or simply wish to give a cheerful welcome to spring, this naturally leavened heavenly cake has you covered.

La Cucina Italiana, the much respected food magazine shedding light on Italian food culture and traditions, put together a list of their favorite Italian Easter cakes and where to find them in the USA. About Gustiamo’s Colomba made by Master Pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto, they wrote:

Gustiamo, the Italian food import company based in the Bronx, NY, selects only Colomba Biasetto for its customers – handmade by award-winning pastry chef Luigi Biasetto in Padova. “This Colomba is made with a carefully selected recipe that Mr. Biasetto sources himself. Colomba Biasetto has a fluffy, porous and ever-so-slightly dry texture from excellent flour combined with natural yeast, which has been nurtured for 90 years over several generations. A rich layer of frosting decorated with luscious, toasted almonds on top. Blended fresh, organic eggs and butter – from the best milk for a glowing yellow hue,” explains Beatrice Ughi, founder of Gustiamo.

Grazie mille for the article, Liliana Rosano and La Cucina Italiana team. Read where to find the best Colomba in the US on La Cucina Italiana here.