This New Harvest EVOO has our names on it

Cue the drumroll: new harvest Il Tratturello extra virigin olive oil is finally here. And this year, this incredible EVOO is even more special. These bottles have our names on them!

If you followed our Molise olive oil adventure back in October, you certainly are as thrilled as we are. We flew a group of hardworking friends from the USA to Italy, loaded them on a van, and drove all the way to the beautiful Molise region. We have spent a few days with farmer Francesco + fam and helped them make their intense, grassy, bold Il Tratturello 2021/2022.

From hand-picking the olives and milling them, to bottling the EVOO just hours after the harvest, we’ve had the time of our lives while experiencing firsthand the profound values of making real extra virgin olive oil.

We’re not going to lie: it was hard work. But the bliss of tasting freshly made EVOO straight from the mill cannot be described in words. Try a few drops of the new Il Tratturello yourself, and you won’t be able to stop drizzling it on everything.

While in Molise, we were visited by a special guest: our Balsamic Lady Mariangela! Not only did she prepare a balsamic feast for dinner, but she also helped Francesco and us with the olive harvest. Yes, olio + aceto balsamico should always go together.