Salone del Gusto 2014

Salone del Gusto makes our job, visiting all our producers,  a heck of a lot easier! This year the fortunato Edoardo made the rounds. He hung out with all our producers and got the 411 on what’s new. Here’s the scoop, from top left to right of the photo.

This is always a special time of year for Antonio from Santomiele. Even though Cilento Figs are harvested in summer, wintertime in Italy is for dried fig eating. For next summer, Cilento watch out! Antonio challenged Edoardo to come help with the 2015 fig harvest!

salone del GEdoardo told us that you could smell the Nettuno booth from aisles away. As you can see in this picture, Giulio was making Colatura. At the beginning of Salone he drilled a small hole in the bottom of a barrel where anchovies had been aging since 2012!

When Edoardo got to Sabatino Abagnale, they talked logistics, a.k.a. Edoardo whined to Sabatino about the tardiness of our much awaited shipment of tomatoes. We need more! Sabatino’s strict aging policy is delaying us, he ages the tomatoes for 3 months in a dark place. The best things in life are worth waiting for. For now, we have plenty of Pomodorini to last until we can have our glass jars of Miracolo di San Gennaro Tomatoes back.

At the Casa Barone booth there was a definite buzz. Everyone was stopping to stare at and taste Dario’s new Yellow Tomatoes. They were turning heads! They are one of a kind.

While Edoardo was in Torino schmoozing with Marco our exquisite chocolatier, we were back in NYC busy selling his chocolate. Marco wants all of the USA to know that good chocolate should be about 1 thing and 1 thing only: the cacao bean.

While Gabriele from La Nicchia‘s wife was back in Pantelleria with a slew of kids and the Salone del Gusto GustiamoZibibbo vendemmia, he was off boozing and partying with Edoardo. Promptly after they took this photo, they went out on the town!

Filippo Drago, had important news for us. 500 gram bags of Tumminia Busiate Pasta are headed our way, watch out!

With the Vastola crew at the Maida booth, Edoardo had a long discussion about pizza with friarielli  and sausage. Many of our home pizza chefs are loving the Maida Friarielli on their pizza!

Edoardo’s last stop was in Lari, Tuscany to visit the Martelli family. He showed up on the night of Halloween and all the kids were gathering around the castle for the haunted castle. What did the Martelli family serve for dinner to celebrate Halloween? Spaghetti con le vongole! That sure beats American Halloween candy!

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