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Even when you can have your pick of any pasta shape on the planet, sometimes you just crave Spaghetti, the ultimate Italian comfort food. Keep a packet of Martelli Spaghetti on hand: you are minutes away from an exquisite Carbonara with guanciale and pecorino, an umami-packed dish of pasta with Colatura, or a simple tomato sauce with fresh basil and shaved Parmigiano. The hard durum semola flour used to make Spaghetti Martelli is 100% Italian semola di grano duro.
Martelli pasta is much more than a vehicle for sauce. What makes Martelli pasta exceptional is the taste - the earthy flavor of quality wheat - and its satisfying density. It can be enjoyed with just a drizzle of olive oil, but be sure to cook it al dente!
Martelli pasta is made from top-quality semola manually worked into a dough using cold water. The dough is cut with traditional bronze dies, and the pasta is air-dried for 40-52 hours. These processes give the pasta a rough surface and special porousness, perfect for catching pasta sauce. Compared to industrial pasta - oven-dried in under an hour -the artisanal, slow drying process used by the Martelli family allows the pasta to be digested much more easily and keeps you full for longer.
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