Cucina Italiana Magazine. We want you to love it, too!

La Cucina Italiana Magazine
La Cucina Italiana Magazine

  We love this magazine and always read and use it, as our mothers did, and do, in Italy. In fact, La Cucina Italiana magazine is an offshoot of the Italian “La Cucina Italiana“, which is the oldest cooking magazine in Italy (in the world?), being published since 1929. If you went in our mothers’ kitchens you would see the full collection proudly displayed in their kitchen or nearby, somewhere convenient where it could be easily and constantly consulted.

We do the same in our kitchens in America. We really use it. For example, I saw a recipe for “sformato di cavolfiore” in its November issue. Now, I make it all the time, including last week for our Gustiamo Holiday party. It’s not too quick, but it is easy, delicious and looks like a real chef cooked it. We want you to enjoy the magazine, too and struck a special deal with our friends who run it. If you place an order over $80, you will receive a FREE yearly (8 issues) subscription to the magazine, compliments of Gustiamo and our friends of the magazine of La Cucina Italiana.
You must tell us you want the subscription, though. Pls, write in the special instruction of your shopping cart “Cucina”.

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  1. what are your favorite recipes using fresh white truffles? i just got some this morning, im making risotto this eve….do i eliminate the saffron if i use white truffle(at the end ,of course)
    also making veal milanese ~~~my fav!

  2. i have three favorite recipes for fresh truffles:
    – risotto, butter and parmigiano. no saffron, too much distraction;
    – fresh egg tagliolini, butter and parmigiano;
    – fried egg (uovo in tegamino).
    un abbraccio and happy holidays to you and your family. did you already place your holiday orders? call us!

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