Gustiamo’s Cool Offices

Big Announcement: Gustiamo finally has cool air! We don’t have to sweat in the office anymore! The part of the warehouse where we keep our products has always been cool. It was the humans who were neglected. Every year we start our quest and ask for bids to cool ourselves. By the time fall comes, we haven’t done anything because the estimates we receive are way too high for our purse. Same this year. We started early: in March we received our first 2009 estimate for $16,000. $16,000!!! It is not the price that upsets me, it is that Anne and I must not speak English well enough. We spend hours to make sure they understand that we want the minimum possible, we don’t have the money, we need to think out of the box… No way. I don’t know how many people I have interviewed over the years.

Then, the light! John Fusco, our landlord, felt sorry for us and put together our neighbors: Giovanni in construction on the right of our warehouse and Stephan, the electrician on our left. They installed a big machine over the entrance door (it will give heat in the winter time, too, which we need very badly) in a few hours last saturday. All billed, with taxes and all, it was $2,570. And it works, too! Thank you John!


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  1. The people at the office would be more comfortable with that new cooler. An environment like this can make a person focus on the job better.

  2. Sure! It went full speed in the summertime. Now we are fearing the cold!!! It’s going to be freezing cold in the warehouse/office. What to do?

  3. You can turn off your air conditioning unit when the room has gotten cold. You can also adjsut the temperature at a level where you can work comfortably.

  4. An office with an air conditioner would definitely be cooler, and it would be more comfortable to work there. Just don’t turn it up too high, or the workers might fall asleep. HAHA!

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