Pomodorino Magnifico. From Maida Farm in Cilento

Maida Vine
Maida Vine Tomatoes

From Elana, who successfully completed her first week at Gustiamo. I think she likes it!

After my first week at Gustiamo I have been starting to taste some of the many delicious products in stock. On the shelves of the warehouse something in particular caught my attention, begging to be taken home with me. It was a jar of little baby tomatoes, bright red, plump and juicy, called Vine Tomatoes from Cilento, by Maida Farm.  Maida’s products are made in very small batches using the highest quality ingredients grown on their farm in Cilento in the region of Campania. Check out past blogs about Maida’s lovely products.

It is farms like Maida’s that I love to support because their practices are sustainable for the land and their food has the highest nutritional value. And it tastes the best of course! “Certo”, as the Italians say!

6a00e55029641d8834017ee5b76d13970d-800wiLast night I simply heated the tomatoes on the stove to adorn my pasta.  I wanted to see how they taste in their purest form. Jarred with fresh basil, they are so fragrant they make a sauce by themselves. I finished the dish with some steamed kale and a dollop of delightful burrata. Magnifica!




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  1. Hi ~ We are looking for the large Italian capers. Do you stock those? Thanks very much,
    Susan & Don

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks for your question. Gustiamo carries Salted Capers and the larger “Cucunci” Caperberries in Sea Salt. These are both from the Sicilian producer La Nicchia located on the small island Pantelleria.
    Here is the link to the Capers and Caperberries: https://www.gustiamo.com/cgi-bin/front_end/prodotto?id=39
    And here is the link to read some GustiBlog articles all about them: http://gustiamo.typepad.com/gustiblog/gustiamos-capers/
    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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