Take me to Summer in Napoli

This is exactly what vegetables in extra virgin olive oil are crafted for: securing the Southern Italian summer in a jar. Pop one open, serve the lush content in a bowl, and these colors + flavors will immediately transport you to a mid-August morning on the Maida farm in Cilento.

Each one of these jars encloses ribbons of Papaccelle, Campania’s iconic ultra-sweet peppers, a few anchovy fillets, and a couple of black olives. All preserved in farmer made extra virgin olive oil, of course.

AGRODOLCE: the fruity, almost candy-like flesh of the peppers plays in harmony with the zing of the anchovies and vinegar used to blanch them.
ANTIPASTO: Maida’s farmer Franco loves serving his Papaccelle Napoletane on top of a crusty bread before the meal. For us, once we open the jar, they easily become the whole meal.
ANTI FOOD WASTE: canned foods are the countryside answer to eating seasonally. In farmer Franco’s words, “I preserve all the bounty that is blooming in summer so you can rejoice in winter, when you’re surrounded by nothing more than potatoes and beets.”

Farm to table trick? Once you’ve devoured the peppers, use the aroma-infused EVOO for your sauces and stews.

Surprisingly digestible (even for our pepper intolerant friends!), Maida Papaccelle have a very tender pulp that retains a full ‘al dente’ chewiness. Pair with shallots, some extra anchovies, and a short pasta shape: dinner is served.