Pasta Sauce that is Independent

We’re still recovering from the news that Campbell (yes the Andy Warhol’s soup peeps) just put out $2.7 billion to get Rao’s tomato sauce in their pantry. To use our very own president Beatrice’s words:
“If Campbell buys Rao’s for $2.7 billion (bbbillion), how much is Gustiamo’s really really good tomato sauce worth?”

The truth is that we’re immensely proud of being a small business that buys real food from honest farmers. Being independent is priceless. We will keep going as long as there are Italian farmers to defend, Italian countryside to promote, and traditions to keep alive.

We know where every single dime of Gustiamo ends up, we see the direct impact on our farmers’ + foodmakers’ lives. No big marketing budgets, no big margins (looking at you, $8 jar of marinara sauce), just a big mission.

Grazie for being our bellissima Gusti community! If you’re in the mood for stocking your pantry with some pop ready-to-eat pasta sauce, we gotcha.

Maida sauce pop art Campell Rao's

Our amica Danielle’s tomato sauce recipe made by Francesco Vastola with his own heirloom tomatoes from Campania.

Pianogrillo sauce pop art Campell Rao's

Made with only the sweetest cherry tomatoes, Pianogrillo EVOO, salt, basil by Sicilian extraordinaire Lorenzo Piccione.

Pesto Genovese sauce pop art Campell Rao's

This is the best possible Pesto Genovese on Earth with a 12-month shelf life made by Pesto King Roberto Panizza.