Where Is Pantelleria? And What Is It Most Famous For?

“Pantelleria: it isn’t the peace and quiet that makes it such a magical place – it’s the capers.”
These wise words were written in a recent photo blog piece that we cannot stop looking at. Such gorgeous photos!

Luckily, you don’t have to travel to this tiny Italian island, located between Sicily and Tunisia, to taste its goodness. Leave it to the GustiTeam to get capers + caperberries from Pantelleria to your door.

Why use good capers + caperberries? FLAVOR. That’s right, if you thought these little green morsels were included in recipes just for their good looks, think again.

Good capers + caperberries bring an aromatic, sweet, richness to so many dishes.

Our chefs like to use them with: grilled fish, pizza, tuna/egg/potato salad, crostini, pasta con la bottarga, encrusted meats, salsa verde, lentils; and they are the most delicious garnish you’ve ever had, flavor + style (oh! those caperberries atop a Bloody Mary).


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