The First New Harvest Oil is Here

The First Italian New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Has Landed

The superpower of Il Tratturello 2023/2024 is its harmony of flavors. Good real extra virgin olive oil should not overpower the ingredients it is paired with, rather elevate them. Farmer Francesco Travaglini confessed with pride that chef Massimo Bottura is fond of his EVOO for this exact reason:Il Tratturello is exceptional for its balance between bitterness and spiciness. It’s the ideal ingredient that I want in my kitchen, where the simplicity of the flavors is the whole point.”

During our tasting of the new harvest Il Tratturello, Pia – Francesco’s wife and olive oil professional taster, exclaimed: they did an amazing job in the fields, the olives looked glorious!
AROMA: unripe fruit, fresh grass, green almond, the iconic artichoke that characterizes the Tratturello. The perception of greenness is dazzling.
TASTE: it opens on the tongue with a bitter sensation, quickly fading into a very pleasant spiciness that seems to last forever on your palate.
TEXTURE: the mouthfeel is so silky and rich, without being at all greasy. Pia says “non scappa”, it does not slip away but leaves your mouth clean.


Molise in the Washington Post

Parco dei Buoi cooking with olive oil in Molise Tratturello


“In an era when Italy is so warped by tourism, when even the “off-the-beaten-path” itineraries lead you to crowded Instagram towns, visiting Molise feels like more than an antidote. It feels like finding the buried heart of why travelers fell for Italy in the first place.” WP travel writer Chico Harlan visited Molise and completely fell in love. Guess who he spent a few days with? The Travaglini fam, of course. Read more about his Molise exploration on the Gusti blog.