Salt from the Sicilian Sea

“It’s the most inexpensive way to step up your cooking, a true secret weapon.” From Samin Nosrat to Stanley Tucci, the Trapani sea salt fan club reaches far and wide.

Trapani Sea Salt raw unwashed wet salt harvested by hand

Not bleached, not washed, not harvested mechanically, no anti-caking additives, Trapani sea salt is a pure product. It’s shoveled by hand in the WWF-protected salt flats of Trapani, the same way it’s been done for a thousand years.

Trapani sea salt is moist and that’s a good thing! This salt has more to offer than just saltiness. Wet salt = unrefined salt that will add a mineral savoriness to your food, not a metallic or pungent flavor. The naturally present magnesium, potassium, iodine, and fluorine are not stripped away and you can taste it.

Trapani Sea Salt raw unwashed wet salt harvested by hand

Our salt guy Salvatore uses manual grinders, so there’s always a slight variation. But that’s what you expect from sustainable artisanal methods, right?
• Coarse sea salt is meant for everyday cooking (pasta water, baking, grilling..)
RECIPE: whole fish baked in a sea salt crust
• Fine sea salt has pinchable crystals that melt rapidly, but have a good crunch when used for finishing.
RECIPE: tomato salad with Sirk vinegar
• Fiore di sale refers to the flakes that form on the edge of water. Harvested with special nets at the crack of dawn, this salt has a unique snowflakey texture.
RECIPE: honey glazed peaches with sea salt flakes