Panettone and Pandoro Season!

This is pastry chef Luigi Biasetto. He makes our Panettone & Pandoro at his pasticceria in Padova.

These sweet Italian Christmas breads are perfectly balanced and never excessive. Chef Luigi’s Panettone and Pandoro are soft, buttery, and full of big aromatic air holes.

These Panettoni & Pandori are among the best in all of Italy.

They are made with a sourdough starter (never conventional yeast), fresh eggs (never powdered eggs), vanilla pods (never artificial flavors).

Nota bene! These cakes should be kept in a room temperature environment and eaten throughout winter; they will be fresh well into 2019.

This is Chef Luigi’s Panettone. No Italian holiday season would be complete without a great Panettone. It’s made with incredibly soft raisins and fragrant candied fruit: orange, citron, and lemon from Sicily. That’s real candied fruit!
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Chef Luigi’s Pandoro. Pandoro literally means bread of gold. It does not have candied fruit. It comes with powdered sugar, for you to use like this. Eat it for dessert or for breakfast; or dress it up with some sweet spreads by Colzani.
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