They’re here: Biasetto Panettone + Pandoro

The Italian holiday table is ready to be dressed. Master Pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto’s much awaited Panettone + Pandoro just arrived from Padova, and they’re the most aromatic and fluffy they have ever been.

This year, Luigi Biasetto outdid himself in search of outstanding ingredients for his signature holiday classic, traditional Panettone.
✦ 100% Italian flour, from farmers that practice sustainable agriculture.
✦ 100% Piemontese butter, made with local cream and artisanal methods.
✦ Bourbon vanilla from Uganda, from a fair trade certified producer.
✦ Homemade candied fruit, juicy gems without preservatives or additives.
✦ 100% Acacia honey, organically made in Tuscany.
And then, the same ol’ centenary sourdough starter and a 36+ hour rise!

Fully buttery yet never too heavy. Immediately, the cotton candy-like crumb melts in your mouth. After one bite, the delicate and fresh flavor of sugar and vanilla coats your palate and leaves you wanting another slice.

Chef Biasetto perfected his Pandoro recipe, giving life to a “bread of gold” that will be the star of this winter, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve.

Storing: Biasetto Panettone + Pandoro should be stored at room temperature. Keep them in their box + bag and they will stay fresh for up to 2 months.

?Serving: 30 minutes before serving, warm them up still in their bag. Best if on the radiator, as our nonna used to do! The butter in the dough will soften and the inebriating aroma will fill the room.