Do you know Anchovy Colatura?

Colatura di Alici Anchovy Colatura Amalfi Coast How to cook

A shimmering, transparent, amber liquid obtained by fermenting anchovies on the Amalfi Coast. That’s already a recipe forColatura di Alici Anchovy Colatura Amalfi Coast How to cook something magical.

Anchovy Colatura is a fish sauce with a long history: it’s the direct heir of the legendary fish essence that ancient Romans called garum.

The best chefs in the world (Noma’s René Redzepi, that’s you!) swear by it, claiming that just a few drops of this umami elixir will enhance anything. Yes, but how?

Our Colatura di Alici is made the traditional way by the Giordano family in the old town of Cetara. There, salted anchovies are layered in wooden barrels, where they ferment and age for at least 2 years.

Anchovy Colatura explained

Keep it out of the fridge. It won’t go bad in 100 years.

Once opened, don’t close it with its cap. Instead, create your own stopper by rolling a piece of paper towel. The more Colatura breathes, the richer it gets.

Don’t use it merely with fish. Colatura is the MSG of Ancient Rome. It amplifies the natural flavors of all the ingredients it is combined with, from roasted vegetables to meat stews.

Sure, Colatura is made with salted anchovies, so it is salty. But it’s much more than that: it’s the quintessential umami and savory answer whenever your meal tastes like it’s missing something.

How to cook with Colatura

The classic recipe is Spaghetti with Colatura, but the creative boost that this fermented + aged anchovy gold provides goes way beyond that. Try our recipes for bean stew, Mediterranean brisket, black rice salad, or one of the many pasta sauces.